Wednesday, September 26, 2007

It's not meat. And it's not paper.

It's meatpaper. Whilst trolling for progress on The Fresh Market on College, my esteemed colleague and I popped into Northside News, where we discovered the premier issue of meatpaper. It's not recipes, it's not a trade pub for ranchers or butchers, it's about what the editors (both women, forgive me for letting that surprise me) call the fleishgeist - the spirit of the meat. (Have you noticed that "meat" is one of those words that gets more vulgar the more times you say it? Meat, meat, meat, meat, meat.) I'm not sure how long anyone can sustain a magazine strictly about the art, culture, and meaning of meat, meat, meat, meat, meat in all of its forms, but kudos to a bizarrely beautiful magazine.


Susan Gillie said...

I love your blog. Everything you write is so, so true.

I noticed your Zingerman link. Did you live in Ann Arbor, if not, how did you discover that great company?

silver said...

Thanks so much! Actually, I used to be in the cheesemongering biz, so I just kept an eye on super cool places like Zingerman's and tried to make mine 1/10 that cool.